Unique gifts from Debonnaire

Who is Debonnaire Von Bismark? Vanity Fair hails her as ‘London’s best hostess’, and she is widely regarded as one of the most glamourous and stylish Countesses in town … and the next question is: why will you find her in South Ken? 

Let’s look first at her instagram

Debonnaire Von Bismark has a rather hidden away little showroom in South Kensington where she is widely regarded as one of the best in the business at sourcing luxury gifts for exclusive clients.

Her showroom is a grotto packed with luxury silks, beaded bags, exquisite pieces of furniture and one-of-a-kind items – with the Countess in charge, there is absolutely no fear of giving your friend or loved one the same gift as someone else!

The idea was born from a lifetime spent travelling and soaking up cultures from across the world. Buying as she went, in 2014, the Countess decided to do something with it all and put her expertise to use in the gifting market.

With practically no online presence, you need to know, or perhaps even be referred, to sit with Countess Von Bismark. But it is exactly this air of exclusivity that makes her so popular, that – coupled with her knack for choosing just the right gift, for the right person.