Mint presents Winter Wonders

To warm up your winter, Mint have selected their Winter Wonders – a perfect way to brighten up your home.

Article 84

Spherical white glass blown into a copper mesh basket is enveloped by hot, clear glass to form the shape of each glass sculpture in the 84 series.

Modular Mechanics Armchair

A study of John Ruskin, art critic of the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution inspired the design of the timber and sheepskin Modular Mechanics armchair.  Joints are carved along the timber both creating the possiblity for alternative configurations and a strong geometric aesthetic.

Lacquered Forms Vase

Traditional Korean lacquer ware is made using secretions from the Ott tree.  Extremely labour intensive and costly, the technique is becoming increasingly rare.  This series of vase

s brings a modern version to the table with Lacquered Forms.  The process employs a paper base instead of wood.  What was once luxurious and heavy has now become light and modern.


Kaleidoscope Mirror

The mirror’s surface bursts in a rainbow of fractured, reflected light, modelled on the idea of handheld kaleidoscopes.  The main structure is made of darkened oak with varrnished finishing and mirror work.


Limber Gems

The “interior jewellery” series adds lustre to any space.  It employs layers of rubber and resin to emulate crinkled foil or chips in natural stone.  The rough and random texture plays on sharp geometric forms.  The pieces catch reflections at every turn thus showing off their colour versitility.

Currrent Curtain

This collection is based on an electric current.  The low voltage lighting object take a step away from the traditional concept of a lamp and a power cord.  Instead it is fully conductive while safe to touch.



Seeing Glass Big Round

Seeing Glass is a series of glass objects resulting from an on-going study into optical ef

fects created with glass as the primary material.  The mirror utilises several layers of glass which sandwich a selection of colour foils to create a play of colour and depth within the reflective surface.


Amphora Garlands

Amphora Garlands gives the wearers the experience of removing a stone garlan

d from a classical ceramic urn and using it to adorn themselves.  When the stone garland is not being worn on the body it is placed back on the classical urn to reinstate it as a scuptural ornament.

Soft Concrete Lamp

This lamp brings life back to concrete which is a cold, lifeless material used in construction.  Expandable foam forces the concrete to become tactile and visually playful with the contrast of bright colours.