Gail’s Bakery

Gail’s is an artisan bakery on Thurloe Street in South Ken.

Pick up a world-class loaf from a seasonal, ever-changing range. Choose a sandwich, freshly-made salad, or a slice of cake. They serve top-notch coffee made by carefully-trained baristas as well as loose-leaf teas and cold drinks.

You can take all this away with you, or there’s space to sit and linger. So whether breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea … or you need something scrumptious delivered to your home or office in South Ken, they have something to whet the appetite.

How did Gails come about? Good bread proved frustratingly hard to find when Ran Avidan and Tom Molnar met working in London in the late 1990s. Ran had been used to artisan bread every day at home in Tel Aviv, and Tom had grown up baking bread with his grandmother in Florida. Their hunt for a good loaf brought them together. They were quick to find Gail Mejia, who had gathered around her a team of expert bakers and was busy supplying top chefs with world-class loaves.

Tom and Ran knew this bread was far too good to be confined to restaurants. It deserved to be brought to the high street, where everyone could get at it. Their first venture opened in Hampstead in 2005. Years on, many of their earliest regulars still drop by every day, but having grown across London they get to know new neighbours.

Their bakers Cyril, Ramek, Raam and Roy have recruited and trained scores more artisan bakers from across the world, who help Gail’s food to reflect and celebrate London’s cosmopolitan, melting-pot nature.

But why Gail’s? They decided on the name in honour of the person who’d showed them that London could be a home to great bread, after all.