Casa Brindisa

Casa Brindisa is a fab tapas restaurant right on Exhibition Road serving freshly prepared tapas, cured meat, cheese and fish plates from Spain’s best producers.Their name comes from the Spanish word “Brindis”, meaning to raise your glass in celebration. ¡Que aproveche!

After 16 years of wholesaling, their first restaurant was born by London Bridge in 2004 and shortly afterwards Casa Brindisa South Kensington followed.

Founder, Monika Linton, explains: “The start up of the tapas business began when I invited Mark Hix, a Brindisa customer since 1989 and good friend, to view the Borough market site I was being offered by the Borough Market Trust. Between us in seconds we could visualise a tapas bar.” Monika adds: “Brindisa, the importer, is the cornerstone on which Brindisa Tapas Kitchens was built. The wonderful foods that we select from Spain reach your table with all the support and enthusiasm that we can muster.”

To see their latest menus, click here. For their upcoming events, check out this link. And if you know someone who just adores Tapas, then what better than a Casa Brindisa Gift Card. For more info – click here.