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This multi-author blog site is delivered by TownAndCitySocial. It is managed for an on behalf of South Kensington Estates – and connects with a wide range of social media channels that link businesses and organisations across the estate with residents and visitors to the South Kensington and Brompton Road area.

SKE is an in-house property management company for a family-run estate, comprising residential and commercial properties in/around London’s South Kensington.

The company is passionate about its history, story and engagement with its tenants, customers and partner/stakeholders – all with a view to restoring the estate to its former 19th century glory. By investing in residential properties, historic garden squares and specialist shops/eateries, SKE “continues to restore and recover an area of London celebrated for its importance in architecture, culture and history”.

The SKE property portfolio has a varied and fascinating background: Thurloe, Alexander, Brompton … the ghosts and fingerprints of Oliver Cromwell and Sir William Blake … the Great Exhibition, ‘Albertropolis’ and good-old Victorian entrepreneurial spirit.

Over the last century, the estate has passed through various branches of the same family tree. The use of the properties – commercial and residential – as well as the conservation and appearance of the area is paramount to SKE.

And so the story continues: an assurance that the buildings continue to reflect the era in which the beautiful properties and landscapes created by the Thurloe Estate are conserved, developed and protected – not only for the current generation but also as an historical masterpiece for future generations to enjoy, be they residents, tenants or visitors.

SKE encompasses Thurloe Street, Thurloe Place and the lower part of both Cromwell Place and Exhibition Road. The Brompton Quarter comprises the western end of the Brompton Road and the eastern end of Thurloe Place. Over the last decade, significant investment has extended the portfolio. SKE now manages, invests in and develops over 400 residential and commercial properties. The company is committed to working with the local council and residents to create a retail mix that improves the area for those who live, work and enjoy South Kensington.

If you wish to contact SKE, please follow this link for more information.